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Tags & Labels

Supreme offers the highest quality Textured Polyested yarns for custom labels and apparel identification tags. Our line of Textured Polyestra yarn gives your identification labels a soft and elegant finish with the durablity to last the lifetime of the garment. These identification label yarns stand up to the most innovative of weaving technology to give our customers a perfect weave for their custom designs and logos.

This specialty covered tag yarn has just the right stretch and return for your products. With low splices and a variety of colors, Supreme's Tag Yarn runs fluidly on stringing machines during your production runs. Give your customers the security in knowing Supreme's String Tag Yarn was manufactured for the strength to snap back.

  • High stretch
  • High modulus
  • Uniform properties
  • Excellent abrasions resistance
  • Excellent strength
  • Low splicing
  • Extensive standard colors
  • Custom dyeing
  • In-stock program in 1/150 & 1/70 Deniers
  • Custom sizes