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About Us

Crafted with pride in foothills of Western North Carolina.

Combine a family tradition in textile, a desire to make a difference, a lot of hard work, two friends, Nat Kolmes and the late Morty Usdan, and you have Supreme Corporation, the leading high performance and specialty yarn producer in America.

Our approach to business is a little different; we treat our customers as strategic partners. No order is too large or too small. We take client’s issues and develop unique yarns to satisfy their needs.  

We began by manufacturing specialty cotton, mercerized cotton, polyester, dyed textured polyester and nylon yarns to meet client’s needs.

In 1981, the leaders of Supreme Corporation wanted to make a real difference in people’s lives.  They saw a need for a safety product that was stronger than steel, highly cut and abrasion resistant and as flexible and soft as cotton. After several years of research and development, the impossible was created.

This revolutionary yarn was launched into the food handling industry. This product has lived up to its creator’s expectations, it has saved untold pain and suffering and millions of dollars in the meat processing business.

This technology is now the leader in the industry safety environment, especially in the glass manufacturing industry. With various apparel styles worn by workers on the plant floor, limbs and lives have been saved.  We’ve branched into other industries such as sportswear, motorcycle, defense, and our socks are worn by many National Hockey League Teams protecting against career ending injuries.

We are the leader in textiles and fiber technology, our list of projects runs the gamut from oil containment fences used in the Yadkin River made for Duke Power to ballistic vests made at our Spring Hope, NC facility.  A tradition of innovation runs deep in our blood. The truth is that we never stop creating. Whether it is yarns for the Medical Industry or Industrial Safety, or creating blends of fibers for Fire Resistant (FR) or Military Applications we are a resource for Product Design professionals around the world.

We also created an application technique that applies a Green (non leaching, non heavy metal) Antimicrobial to yarns and fabrics for pennies per pound. This technique was patented in 2011 and is available for any yarn that we create.

Today we have a wall full of patents and thank you letters in our North Carolina office from satisfied customers. Many of our loyal customers are today’s leaders in their industry, thanks to our team at Supreme Corporation. 

At Supreme we push the envelope of technology.  Simply put – we make the impossible possible. That's what we love to do. 

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 Our Mission

To create the highest quality yarns with unequaled performance characteristics.

We provide yarn for a variety of satisfied customers; they range from some the largest clothing manufacturers in America down to thousands of hand knitters.

Why choose Supreme Corporation?

Our focus on yarn research and development to meet the customer’s needs has made Supreme Corporation the industry leader in high performance and specialty yarns.

We recognize our customer’s needs whether they’re a major manufacturer needing terms, just in time delivery and exact color matches to the artisan working on a loom who needs a specific type of yarn in a large selection of colors.

Plus, we are a little old fashioned, we respond immediately to your inquiries. We do it ALL!

You can be confident that our service, quality and expertise will meet your every need.

Our yarn offering is unequaled in the industry.

  • Custom design & engineering
  • Range of Denier
  • Complete Inventory Program
  • Large array of color
  • Custom dyed yarns
  • Small or Large quantities
  • Technical Support
  • Research and development
  • Rapid Turnaround

From 1 pound to 1,000 pounds, from the hand knitter to the manufacturer, from commodity yarns to specialty yarns,

Supreme Corporation is your Complete Yarn Source!