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Supreme Corporation's conductive Volt Smart Yarns represent a breakthrough in textile technology.

Using exclusive and patented processes, our engineers are able to create revolutionary highly-conductive custom Volt Smart Yarns with specific levels of conductivity, resistance, and strength. These Volt Smart Yarns can be purchased by the kilometer. Contact the Supreme Corporation's sales office for details, +1 (877) 883-3654.

Precision, Accuracy and Time are key in the design and manufacturing of innovative products. With a commitment to research and development in engineering high-performance yarns, Supreme provides the highest quality yarns to meet our customers’ unique specifications. Complete customer service and support coupled with a rapid turn around time, provides you with quality products and valuable savings in production costs.

Proudly positioned as a leader in the industry, Supreme has developed over 38 patents in advanced yarns and continues to meet the challenges of customers’ unique products in the growing marketplace. Take advantage of over 35 years experience and a team that is second to none, as Supreme works with you to develop specialty yarns. From Aramid yarns (Kevlar® and Nomex®), Spectra® yarns, fiberglass yarns, to Stainless Steel yarns in a range of denier and color, let Supreme set the base to build your products.

Take advantage of our expertise in the design of high-performance yarns. From cut or heat resistant to electrically charged yarns, Supreme will work with our customers in their development of innovative products for their specialty markets.

  • Custom development and design of high-performance yarns to meet customers’ specific needs.
  • Manufacture Yarns in a complete range of denier
  • Superior quality and ISO 9001 certification
  • Advanced materials and fabricators for composite reinforcement
  • Practical/realistic - and innovative solutions
  • Engineering innovative yarns
  • Technical support for your production